Does the Designer hoop have the same Motif patterns as the Pro hoop, and can I make them sync?

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Does the Designer hoop have the same Motif patterns as the Pro hoop?

Yes! 🙂 The Pattern Collection that comes loaded with the Designer hoop includes the well-known and well-loved “Motif” patterns from the FutureHoop Pro/Remote.

Where are the FutureHoop Pro Motif modes on the Designer hoop?

When you plug in your hoop, the hoop drive will show you the mode folders already on the hoop. The patterns in the folder called “FutureHoop” are ordered to match the Motifs on the FutureHoop Pro/Remote.

How can I get the Pro and Designer hoops to match Motif modes?

There are 2 ways to sync the Motif patterns for FutureHoop Pro & Designer. You can either turn the two hoops on manually into the same mode at the same time (using the on/off switch), or by using the remote control.

  • First, turn on both hoops and set them hoops into the mode that is right before Motif mode.
  • If using the remote, line up both hoops so they can receive a remote signal at the same time.
  • Using either 7-key remote from either hoop, you can select the blue key (Next Mode on Designer, Special Modes on Pro) to advance forward in the mode menu.
  • This will start both hoops into the beginning of the Motifs mode at the 6-second pattern change interval.
  • Both the Designer and the Pro hoop will respond to the green Autoplay/Tap Tempo button at the top of the remote. This allows you to change the timing of the patterns, while still keeping the two hoops’ patterns in sync.

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