watermelon LED Hoop

$114.00 $99.00

Vibrant and refreshing, Watermelon slices through the air with splashes of hot pink and green ribbons and dazzling spritzes of white.

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Get a backup battery! Glow all night!

A little gift bag for you or someone special. Includes 3 small hoop wax hearts, 2 pairs of Hearts Glasses, 2 extra batteries with case, and a MoodHoops hat pin. Or just get a hat pin for your collection.

Hoop Extras

Extra Power

Get a back-up battery! Glow all night!

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Gift Bags:

Little gift bag for you or someone special! Includes three small hoop wax hearts, 2 pair of Hearts Glasses, two cased 14500 batteries, and a Moodhoops hat pin.