How are Festival Hoops different from regular Classic MoodHoops?

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The Festival Hoop uses the same great build features as a classic MoodHoop, with a removable battery and fully collapsible design.

Festival Hoops use less power by using less LEDs, which makes them great for beginners, outdoor events or all-night parties.

Classic MoodHoop features:

  • comes in many sizes and colors
  • customizable
  • more LEDs

Festival Hoop features:

  • comes in one size and select designs, not customizable
  • less LEDs
  • very good good battery life

One size and style simplicity is what helps us to keep the price low for this great hoop. This hoop is a fun, durable build that’s great for a beginner, children, or as an inexpensive hoop to take to festivals and events.

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