Will color polypro tubing affect the FutureHoop Lights?

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Polypro LED Hoops

We recommend HDPE tubing as the default option for LED hoops. Since LED hoops have batteries and weighted internals, the lightness of polypro is not as noticeable from an HDPE LED hoop made in the same size.
HDPE tubing is naturally a more flexible material and absorbs impacts well. Polypro tubing is stiffer, giving it a different kind of feedback during hoop play. However, polypro tubing is more brittle in comparison, and prone to cracking on impacts or when extremely flexed. The added weight of LEDs, batteries, weighted internals only increases the chance of the tubing cracking. Polypro is extra susceptible to cracking in cold temperatures.
Does the tubing color affect the lights? When the hoop is in mid to high speed motion the tubing color difference is almost indistinguishable. When the hoop is moving slower you can see that the tubing is different and may notice a slight tint.
The color difference will be the most notable when the hoop is on an all white setting.
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