How do you size a small hula hoop for kids?

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Children’s Hoop Sizing

LED Hoops are an extra special treat for children and can inspire and motivate to learn new tricks and keep going with hooping!

Hoop Size

A 30" hoop is a great go to size for kids' hoops.

For much smaller/younger children you can choose a 28" to 29" hoop.

For larger kids who are also beginners you can go up to a 32" to 34" hoop.

If you'd like to get a hoop for a toddler (2-3 years old), a size 26" OD hoop is small enough for them to carry and sit inside of.

Tubing Size

3/4 tubing is thicker and sturdier than a hoop made out of the more flexible 5/8 tubing, but is slightly heavier.

The weight difference between a 3/4 hoop and 5/8 hoop of the same size can be between 1-1.5 ounces depending on the hoop model and options.

General Hoop Sizing Info that also applies to Children

Larger hoops are good for beginners as they're easier to keep up while hula hooping since they move slower around the body.

Hoops that have a little bit weight (taped hoop or LED hoop) are easier to feel where it is on the body. Knowing where the hoop is can help keep up the rhythm while hooping.

Smaller hoops move faster around the body when hooping, and can be challenging to keep the hoop up unless they're ready to spin faster with it.

A slightly bigger size hoop, or a heavier hoop may be needed if they're struggling to keep up the hoop, or having trouble spinning their bodies quickly enough to get a good momentum going.

Lighter hoops (polypro) can be a little more challenging to keep up for a beginner, but if you have a good amount of hoop grip on the hoop, that will help keep contact with the hoop so it doesn't slide of the body.

Please review the Hoop Battery Safety Guide.

LED hoops are meant to be operated by adults. Insertion, removal, and charging of the batteries should only be done by adults. Like any exercise toy, overuse or careless use could result in personal injury.

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