LED Fans

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LED fans illuminate your flow and are perfect for stunning indoor and outdoor performances. Sturdy and lightweight design, with nearly invisible internal batteries. These vibrant, illuminated fans bring a new element to your spinning and prop manipulation.

Mix or match LED fan color styles to make a mirrored or complimentary pair.

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LED Fans

Sleek and minimal trident-style fan frame design allows the battery to be almost invisible.

  • Measures 25.5″ across, 15″ height
  • Each LED fan weighs 15.75 oz.
  • 3″ ID center ring for practical spinning and good grip
  • 1.25″ ID smaller ring for finger spins and faster tech moves
  • 3/4″ HDPE tubing, with option for translucent polypro
  • 12 LEDs with option for double density (24 LEDs)
  • 2 internal lithium-ion batteries in each fan, charged by USB and double charger (included)
  • Trident-style fan: cold-rolled steel frame, stainless steel center ring, powder coated in satin black
  • Sold as a pair

LEDs styles that use orange, red, or blending LEDs use more battery life than other styles, and are not recommended for the double density (Twice the LEDs upgrade).


How do you choose an LED Fan pair that has good battery life?

LEDs that have warmer tones (like red, orange, and amber) will use up power faster than cooler toned LEDs. One easy way to see which styles have better battery life is to look at the hoop styles that we chose for the 5/8″ Featherweight LED hoops.

These 5/8″ hoop styles have 20-24 LEDs (the fans use 12 LEDs without the double density option) and use the same smaller battery that’s wired into the LED Fan. These styles have been hand picked as the better options for longer battery life.

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