How long can a hoop stay collapsed? Can it be reshaped?

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You can keep the hoop coiled for quite a while, which is easier if also using the small shipping cuff that came with your hoop when you first got it. No worries if you no longer have the shipping cuff, but if you are storing your hoop coiled, be sure to fully lock the hoop in the farthest closed position. Using zip ties and tape is another way to fully secure the hoop in a rounded coiled shape. 🙂

It’s normal for your hoop to have a little memory of its coiled shape when it’s been collapsed for a while. If you ever experience warped tubing, first try to set it out in the sun on a flat surface.

Warping may also occur from keeping the hoop leaned against a wall at an angle, so it’s best to keep the hoop hung up or laying flat on the floor.

When it’s time to uncoil your hoop and get it back into shape allow your hoop some time to relax into its circular shape. Lay the hoop flat on the ground, in the fully uncoiled and closed position. This may take about 24 hours after uncoiling the hoop. Another way to carefully reshape the hoop it to hold the hoop straight up against your body, but touching the floor.

Take the hoop with the opening up facing up towards you, place your foot on the hoop where it touches the floor, and gently flex the tubing in the direction opposite from the curvature of the existing warping to help get it back to its rounded shape.

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