FutureHoop Minis


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Fill the space with mesmerizing combinations of geometric patterns, lush color palettes, and high-speed chaser effects. Use the different modes and remote controls to sync up your hoops exactly in between the pair, or with other FutureHoops.

Choose from the 2 different FutureHoop Models – Pro (customizable with remote controls) or Shuffle (select Modes to autoplay patterns and effects, then select your minis size.

FutureHoop Pro minis are available in 3/4 tubing with internal batteries that charge via USB. These hoops have a minimum light gap!

FutureHoop Pro and Shuffle are also available in 5/8 tubing with a removable and rechargeable battery. These hoops have a small light gap where the battery fits in.


Grip Options * 


Minis set comes with 4 batteries and a single-bay battery charger.

Hooper Gift Bags

Little gift bag for you or someone special! Includes three small hoop wax hearts, 2 pair of Hearts Glasses, two cased batteries, and a Moodhoops hat pin.