Featherweight Levi Wand


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In response to the coronavirus we've reorganized our entire workshop to support strict sanitation protocols. As a result, we are temporarily unable to build and ship certain items. This product is one of them. You can still order this item if you aren't in a rush and would like to receive it as soon as we are able to make it. If at any point you want a refund just contact us. We plan to remedy this as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding

Light as a feather, this levitation wand moves effortless through the air. Your choice of finger loop or open hand loop provides you with the flow that suits your magical self! Entrance and dance with your moodhoops featherweight levi wand. ♥

Check out pictures of the different tape styles below.


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Wand Extras

String kits come with 1 length of string, 2 swivels, and a needle. Featherweight wands use only Micro-thin string.