Featherweight Levi Wand


Light as a feather, this levitation wand moves effortless through the air. Your choice of finger loop or open hand loop provides you with the flow that suits your magical self! Entrance and dance with your moodhoops featherweight levi wand. ♥


Wand Extras

Choose any additional items you would like to receive with your LED wand! String kits come with swivels, a needle, and two lengths of the micro thin string!

Handle Options

Product Details

This super lightweight wand weighs in at 2.6 ounces and measures 26 inches long. You can always find the top side of the wand when it is vertical as it will be indicated by the ♥!

Your wand comes with a default detachable string attachment that measures to approximately 32 inches in total length, with the swivel point about 2 inches above the top of the wand when upright.

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