PixelHoop – how do the Chaser controls work?

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What are chasers all about?
Chasers are high-speed or fast moving points of chasing light that create mind-bending visuals. These are often created from a waveform (think trigonometry math like sine waves, triangle waves, or square waves) or from diagonal lines. The PixelHoop remote control lets you edit the speed and chaser effects on the fly.

Chasers default into ‘Sync mode’
Each time the hoop enters Chaser mode (using the remote or hoop switch) it will start up with the same pattern sequence automatically. Use different buttons on the remote to break the sync and randomize different effects of the pattern.

The chasers starting up in ‘Sync mode’ allows the PixelHoop to easily sync with other PixelHoops as the default setting, but can easily be randomized with a few different functions from the buttons.

Alter the pattern change speed – Tap Tempo
Use the green Tap Tempo button to alter the rate of change to the next pattern.

Change the chaser colors
Use the Heart button to change the colors of the chasers only.

Change the chaser pattern
Use the Next Pattern button to randomize the entire chaser (color, type of chaser, speed of chaser, # of points on the chaser). This is a true random seed, so this is how you can break sync if you want to.

Reset to Sync mode
To reset the PixelHoop back into the chaser sync mode, just restart the mode by using either the remote control buttons Previous/Next Mode (red/blue) buttons, or by cycling through the different click-through modes using the manual hoop on/off switch.

The Previous Pattern button is inactive in Chaser mode
If this button is pressed the hoop will blink red one time to indicate that the button doesn’t work. Chasers aren’t able to be recalled since they are randomly generated and then forgotten.

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