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If you have tried these solutions below and still can’t check out, please Contact Us.

Solutions and Fixes to Checkout Trouble

    • Correct billing address needed (change shipping address on next page)
    • Try using a different web browser (i.e. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer)
    • Clear your cookies
    • Call the bank
    • Use a different computer to complete the transaction

PayPal Notes

If you’re having difficulty checking out through PayPal, this may be because the billing address of your credit/debit card was not entered correctly on the first page of payment info, or your billing info with your bank is out of date.

On the first page of checkout details, where the address and credit card information is entered, provide the billing address as it’s listed on your credit card statement. Once you submit your billing information, you’ll have the option to change your shipping address and do a final confirmation of your order.

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