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Hoop Connection (on/off button) switch Updated for FutureHoop Pro (non-removable battery)

Any Pro hoops with internal batteries that enter the shop for service will have the connection hardware (on/off button) updated to the latest version to guarantee the most durability and longest life for your hoop. This update removes the mechanical on/off button so that it operates similar to a removable battery hoop.

We’d love for you to feel confident in this design change to your Pro hoop’s on/off switch. 🙂 This latest revision is far more durable than push buttons or toggle switches, as it relies on direct contact. The light gap was also ever so slightly reduced at the connection as well.

This setup as a switch is very reliable, and it doesn’t need you to open up the hoop completely to turn it on and off, or to switch modes.

So far we’ve had great feedback about the update to the connection by other Pro hoop customers! If your FutureHoop Pro has a physical on/off button switch, this connection will be updated (see photo). If you’re concerned about your hoop’s connector being changed from a previous version, please let us know before we service your hoop.

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