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All 8 Special Modes can be edited and customized using the color buttons and saved to your 14 Saved slots – Motif, Spiral, Solid, Galaxy, Iso, Pop, Blizzard and Saved.

Galaxy mode can be customized with the colors of your choice! In this mode, pressing a color button will change the color of the ‘pulser’ points of light on the outer layer. To edit the blending background colors of Galaxy mode, press the Galaxy button again to turn off the ‘pulser’ layer so you can add two colors into the background to start a blending rotation. Then press the Galaxy button again to add back on the top layer, which can then have the colors edited again.

Blizzard can also be fully edited, both with colors and by using the Spiral editing menu. Blizzard is a special spiral that creates an amazing effect, but you can edit all the properties just as you would any other Spiral, and add up to 4 different colors into the palette 🙂

Iso mode can also be fully edited using the Spiral editing menu. Iso mode also features a special background layer that breathes in and out while swapping the two colors of the chaser and the background. To pause the automatic color change that happens when the mode starts up, just add a color or edited a Spiral property. You can also press the Iso button again and the chaser layer will disappear, just the breathing effect of the hoop in a solid color.

In the Shuffle menu beneath the Tap Tempo button you can select Motif, Spiral, Color Locked Motifs or Spirals, and your Saved presets, then press Tap Tempo to change to the beat from in this menu. This is especially relevant for the Saved modes, as you are able to auto-play or queue the Saved presets, but not set it to a beat unless the Saved modes are started from in this menu.

When accessing your Saved modes using the Load button you can continue to press a different number button/Save slot so you can keep seamlessly queuing your changes to the Saved mode of your choosing. This allows you to queue a Saved mode in the order of your choosing, and not just in the 1-14 order from within your Saved menu. When you are in Load Mode you can keep pressing the numbers to queue the Saved modes in any order you like, then press Stop/Back to exit Load Mode. The hoop does not blink back at you when pressing the Saved slot buttons, so the changes can happen seamlessly.

Fine Tune is an amazing color shifting button that lets you shift the *entire* color palette a step over at once with each button press. This allows you to get all the mystery colors in between the color buttons on the remote, to find the more exotic hues of your favorite colors.

When pressing the Next button in the Motif Control menu you will see the hoop blink back a color at you. This is letting you know where in the Motif Menu you’re located. The ‘color location’ of where you are in the Motif Menu will coordinate with the Quick Select color menu buttons so you can jump to that part of the menu using Quick select + a Color Button to quickly get to your favorite modes.

You can customize your own Galaxy mode with the colors of your own choice! The manual has more instructions on how to edit the separate layers in Galaxy mode. (Galaxy is one of my favorite modes and I really love being able to create my own)
You can also customize Blizzard, both with colors and by using the Spiral editing menu. Blizzard is a special spiral that creates an amazing effect, but you can edit all the properties just as you would any other Spiral 🙂

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