Can I use normal batteries in my hoop?

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Can I use normal batteries in my hoop?

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Please review our Battery Safety page, which contains VERY important information regarding Battery Safety, Care, and Charging. Please also refer to the Instruction Manual that is sent with each hoop.

Trying to figure out what size battery to get? Check out this Battery Sizing help article here!

Nope! Moodhoops use only specialty lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and will not turn on with normal, store-bought batteries.

“Normal” batteries might be considered the regular store-bought Alkaline batteries that are single-use. Alkaline batteries will not work with your LED hoops.

“Normal” batteries might also be considered the rechargeable store-bought Ni-Mh batteries that are rechargeable. Ni-Mh batteries will not work with your LED hoops.

MoodHoops can use only a single specialty lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) that cannot be purchased locally, and have special use and safety considerations.

These lithium-ion batteries used in LED hoops have 3 times more voltage than regular, store-bought batteries and should never be put into any other device.

If you are attempting to use other batteries than the ones provided with your hoop, you most likely have purchased regular NiMh AA rechargeable batteries, as the specialty Lithium-ion batteries used in Moodhoops are not available in most local stores. Regular AA batteries only put out 1/3 of the power needed to properly light up your Moodhoop, so these will not work.

We offer extra and replacement batteries as singles and cost-saving multi-packs. Lithium-ion batteries can be purchased for your MoodHoops in our store here: Batteries & Chargers.

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