FutureHoops use animated LEDs to create mesmerizing trails. FutureHoop Pro is a solid choice for most flow artists who want a beautiful, remote-controlled smart hoop with no configuration required. The Designer series is fully programmable but requires access to a Windows or OSX computer to take advantage of its advanced customizing features.

All of our smart hoops are available in 3/4″ or ultra light 5/8″ tubing.

$399.00 $379.00

Which FutureHoop is right for me?

If you want the ability to upload custom bitmaps or motion reactivity, get Futurehoop Designer.

If you want remote control and customizability without having to use a computer, get FutureHoop Pro.

If you don’t need a remote control and just want a beautiful smart hoop at a discounted price get a FutureHoop Shuffle.