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Syncing multiple PixelHoops

Using the Remote
First, make sure all the PixelHoops are in the same mode. Then, put them close together so the remote can reach all of them at once. Then press Previous Mode once to restart the current mode. The PixelHoops will now be in sync.

Tap Tempo Sync
The 7-key remote’s Tap Tempo button will work not only on all PixelHoops but also on FutureHoop and other FutureToys with remote control capability. The patterns will be different, but in this way you can have them all perform pattern changes at once.

Without a Remote
This method is the least convenient, but still comes in handy. The snap button that opens your hoop also works as an power switch. When you cycle the power off and on again PixelHoop will advance to the next mode. If you can turn on multiple hoops in the same mode at the same time they will sync both patterns and pattern changes.