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Remote Control

The 7 key remote can be used to stop on a specific mode, change the brightness, and more. Most of the buttons are self-explanatory, but there are a few navigational abilities and special hoop functions unlocked by using the remote.

Previous Mode If Previous Mode is pressed only once within a 6 second period, the current mode will restart from the beginning. This is so you can easily sync up multiple hoops. Press continually to navigate backwards to previous modes.

Next Mode Advance forward to the next Mode.

Previous Pattern – Navigate to previous pattern. Stops auto-play when pressed.

Next Pattern – Navigate to next pattern. Stops auto-play when pressed.

Play/Tap Tempo – Pressing once will restart autoplay if stopped. Pressing a second time sets the duration between pattern changes. This is called Tap Tempo because you can tap the button to the beat to set the tempo at which patterns should change. Tap Tempo can be used in these modes: Classic, Aura, and Chasers. (Rainbow and Halo are not affected.)

Speed – Cycle between different animation speeds to get different effects. In Halo mode, use this button to stop the color cycle on a specific color, or restart the color cycle if it’s been stopped.

Brightness – There are 3 brightness settings. When you’ve reached the highest brightness setting it will loop around to the lowest brightness setting. Use a lower brightness setting to save battery life