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PixelHoop has five modes, each of which consists of many patterns. When you power on the hoop it will blink a color that signals the current mode. By cycling the power on and off, the hoop will advance to the next mode. Each mode will automatically advance to the next pattern every 6 seconds.

Classic – Scroll through the beloved styles of our classic hoop color schemes. Luna, Saffron, Neon, Julep, Element, Jasmine and more.

Rainbow – Modulate the speed of the rainbow morph effect using the Speed button. Turn up the speed so the rainbow appears white when still, but in motion unlocks the full spectrum. Slow the speed down for a more chill vibe.

Aura – Elemental color schemes with color gradients. Fire, water, sunset, desert, earth, pastels, and other thematic combinations.

Halo – Solo colors can easily adapt to their surroundings or enhance flow-focused routines. Use the Speed button to stop the color cycle and fine tune to your favorite solid colors.

Chasers – Wispy chasers bend the light and use minimal power. Great as a beacon for your friends to find you while keeping the battery usage low.