Choreography Files Update now available for download for Designer FutureHoop, FuturePoi, FutureStaff 🎨🎬⏱

photo of @missmojangles and @misshoopdidoo

Choreography Files Update for Designer hoops, poi, and staff

Planning a routine for a particular piece of music with your hoop, poi, or staff? The latest Designer update now supports choreography files so you can time your pattern changes automatically to a set piece of music or other timed changes.

Visit the Choreography Files page in the Designer Online Manual for more information.
The Online Manual will cover how to:
Save a Choreography File
Create a Choreography File
Trigger a Choreography File

Designer Downloads page: The Downloads page is where you can check in for the latest updates for the FutureHoop Designer software and Pattern Collection

Mesmerizing partner hoop flow choreographed and performed by @chaskasiri & @gollitta of @equilibraperformance

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