Porschazoom | Porscha La’Chelle – Artist Profile

Hi flow community! I’m Porscha, also known as porschazoom. I’ve been involved with flow arts for almost 4 years now. It has changed my life and helped me flourish into the person I am today. I couldn’t be more thankful for such a supportive community. If you are new to hooping or other flow art […]

Jasmine Kienne – Artist Profile

Jasmine Kienne has been hoop dancing for 6 years and teaching and performing twin hoop dance for 4. Her twin hoop dance style is a combination of shape manipulations and dance elements. She currently lives in Austin, Texas where she teaches flute and plays in the Corpus Christi and Victoria symphonies. She spends the summer […]

HeddaHoops | Heather Lowery – Artist Profile

Hi my name is Heather! I found the joy that is the flow community mid summer of 2016. I’m my younger years I was big into dance and hooping brought that connection back for me. I love all things creative and when movement can be involved I’m all in. Heddahoops with a 28 in. FutureHoop […]

Julie Zats | JubesHoops – Artist Profile

TikTok – @juliezats Hi there! I’m Julie Zats and I’m a 23 year old self taught hoop dancer from the suburbs of Chicago, IL! I picked up hooping in 2013 and haven’t looked back since! My hoop dance is heavily inspired by my extensive training in hip hop dance growing up, and my love for […]

GogoBellax | Bella X – Artist Profile

Gogobella X – Bella X originally from NY currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Bella Is multi-artist but Professional Hula Hoop Performing Artist comes first. Bella is a self taught hula hooper who has been hooping for almost 4 years now. The love for hula hooping runs so deep that now Bella teaches hula […]

SpinJoy | Caitlyn Woods – Artist Profile

Step outside the box. Dance inside the circle. Caitlyn is a Sydney based professional hoop dance performer, instructor, hoop maker and co-host of the SpinJoy HooperCast podcast. Her mission is to use hula hoop dance as the catalyst to empower women to connect with their bodies in a joyful and positive way. She’s super passionate […]

Zachary Lambert | ZachhAttackk – Artist Profile

The hooping community is made great by the compassion, creativity and kindness of all its members. My name is Zach and I’ve been spinning props since the spring of 2014. Although I’ve played with other props, my first love and favorite prop will always be the hoop. This prop speaks to my emotions unlike any […]

Melissa Stockwell | TranscenDance – Artist Profile

    Focus on the good and you will attract more good. Never stop growing! I am a big kid, 30 years old and loving life more now than ever. Life has a way of working itself out even if it takes much longer than anticipated. more info: Photos by Timothy Sean Photography https://www.instagram.com/p/BuZ4B43hwRu/

Leena Park | Leen Illusions – Artist Profile

~~ If you’re following your soul, then you’re doin’ it right ~~ Movement artist & instructor from the Midwest, Leena possesses a wide array of skills including but not limited to hula hooping, fire manipulation, and Acroyoga. Coming from a dance and cheerleading background, she began hula hooping in 2014. Shortly after picking up a […]

Taylor Flows | Taylor Duffrin – Artist Profile

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho Taylor Flows, aka Taylor Duffrin, is a specialty performance flow artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her love of hooping blossomed in March of 2014 where Taylor was scrolling on Youtube and witnessed the first hooping video she […]

Choreography Files Update now available for download for Designer FutureHoop, FuturePoi, FutureStaff 🎨🎬⏱

photo of @missmojangles and @misshoopdidoo Choreography Files Update for Designer hoops, poi, and staff Planning a routine for a particular piece of music with your hoop, poi, or staff? The latest Designer update now supports choreography files so you can time your pattern changes automatically to a set piece of music or other timed changes. […]

Pop and Galaxy Modes added to FutureHoop Designer

above: Galaxy mode Pop and Galaxy Modes added to FutureHoop Designer By popular demand we adapted Pop and Galaxy modes from the original FutureHoop to FutureHoop Designer. We’re working on some new modes and patterns, as well as a cool new choreography feature so you can time precise pattern changes to music. Visit the Downloads […]

Rachel Britton Photography

Website: rachelbrittonphoto.com Fuse Series: rachelbrittonphoto.com/fuse Hoop: FutureHoop Pro Rachel Britton’s work explores filling space with light, fashion, makeup transformation, and manipulating the body. Rachel draws inspiration from street style, club kids, alternative culture, and literature. Rachel was the Monarch of Electric Forest 2017 and featured in Billboard Magazine for their program at the festival. Rachel […]