Rachel Britton Photography

Rachel Britton Photography
Featured Media Artist

Website: rachelbrittonphoto.com
Fuse Series: rachelbrittonphoto.com/fuse
Hoop: FutureHoop Pro

Artist Biography:

Rachel Britton’s work explores filling space with light, fashion, makeup transformation, and manipulating the body. Rachel draws inspiration from street style, club kids, alternative culture, and literature.

Rachel was the Monarch of Electric Forest 2017 and featured in Billboard Magazine for their program at the festival. Rachel has won awards from Photographer’s Forum Magazine and Grand Valley State University. Rachel will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Photography with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations in December 2018.

In their spare time Rachel enjoys reading, attending concerts, hammocking, watching films, and collecting art.

Artist Statement:

The body of work, titled Fuse, explores the relationship between industrial spaces and light. Rachel uses the FutureHoop Pro by MoodHoops to fill industrial environments with abstract forms of light. Once photographed, the trails of light are selectively combined in Adobe Photoshop to create forms that fill the space. These highly manipulated images emulate the relationship between the final product versus the mechanisms in which the product functions.

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