How does a FutureHoop with Internal Batteries Recharge over USB?

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Depending on the mode you’re in, an internal battery FutureHoop can last 2-5 hours before it would need to be plugged in to charge. FutureHoops charge via micro USB cord and come with a USB wall charger.

The hoop needs 4-6 hours plugged in to recharge the internal batteries back to full capacity. Keep your hoop batteries charged in between hooping sessions.

The red light on inside the hoop when plugged in is how you know the hoop is charging. When the hoop is fully charged the light inside the hoop will turn off. Unplug your hoop when it’s completed charging.

The USB wall charger that comes with your hoop has a light on it to let you know that it’s receiving power from the outlet. This isn’t an indicator of whether the hoop charging, only that it’s receiving power. Any powered USB port or USB charger will power the hoop when it’s plugged in.

You can use any micro USB cord and any USB charger to charge your hoop’s internal batteries. If your USB cord no longer works it’s best to dispose of it and purchase a new one or to use a different micro USB cord that you use for another USB device.

Light Gap from the Battery

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