All FutureHoop models generate mesmerizing combinations of geometric patterns, attractive color palettes, and high-speed chaser effects. There are thousands of possible combinations that ensure each dance with your FutureHoop is both familiar and refreshing.

Smart Hoop Models

FutureHoop Shuffle - $299 - Classic, durable build with click-through Special Modes that shuffle continuously. Removable battery makes it easy to keep glowing through multiple hoop sessions.

Size :

FutureHoop Remote - $399 - Comes with a 44-key Design Remote, and a 7-key Performance Remote. Create custom Color Palettes, save your favorites, queue changes in time to a beat. Use the Performance Remote to synchronize multiple hoops and poi in range. New patterns, modes, and colors!

Size :

FutureHoop Pro - $425 - Includes both remote controls, but constructed in a lightweight build with no battery gap. Recharges via a convenient USB plug, but batteries are non-removable, unlike the FutureHoop Shuffle and FutureHoop Remote. 

Size :

Looking for the FutureHoop in Polypro? Looking for the FutureHoop in a Custom Size? Looking for the FutureHoop weights listed out? Questions about the FutureHoop? Please visit our FAQ Page. Questions about hoop sizes? Read the Sizing Guide.

Want to see more fancy graphics? Watch another FutureHoop video, browse the Future Hoop Gallery for all the pics we couldn’t fit here, or check out Customer Photos of the FutureHoop on our blog.

Design Remote and Performance Remote

Read the FutureHoop Remote Manual for a detailed description of the modes and settings. Only available with FutureHoop Remote and FutureHoop Pro. MoodHoops Design Remote and Performance Remote
New patterns only found in FutureHoop Remote and FutureHoop Pro.

Batteries and Chargers

FutureHoop Shuffle and FutureHoop Remote come with four rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a charger. Only one of the removable lithium-ion batteries is used at a time. These batteries are compatible with classic MoodHoops. This removable battery design lets you run full color visuals all night long! Note: FutureHoop Pro does NOT use removable batteries, allowing it to have no battery gap. It must plug in via USB to recharge.


HoopMaiden posted this awesome tutorial for FutureHoop Remote and FutureHoop Pro.

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