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All FuturePoi models generate psychedelic visualizations and detailed 8-bit images in full blown color. The FuturePoi uses the Motif Chaining Theme to combine Motifs and Waveforms together for never before seen patterns. There are literally thousands of combinations of settings!

Each FuturePoi model has Special ‘click-through’ modes and a special Sync Mode that allows both light elements to match patterns and change in sync with each other. The poi will automatically start shuffling through patterns, with both units changing every six seconds.

The Remote and XL models give you control over color changes, mode selection, saving patterns, and to cue changes. You can change patterns to a beat or on your mark.




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FuturePoi Shuffle – $299 – Standard build with click-through modes that shuffle the pattern continuously every 6 seconds. Turn the poi off and on again to change modes.

FuturePoi Remote – $349 – Adds a custom 7-key remote so you can control the graphics, select color palettes, save your favorite patterns and control changes in time to a beat.

FuturePoi XL – $399 – Twice as long as normal FuturePoi Remote with twice the lights.
Uses 3 drawing modes to take advantage of the extra length: Stretch, Mirror Top, and Mirror Bottom. Comes with remote control.

Special Modes:

By clicking the FuturePoi on and off again, or by using the Remote, you can cycle through to the next Special Mode in the following order:

  • Motif – Inspired by traditional art motifs with a splash of 8-bit iconography. Dynamic colors and effects layer to create endless variations and unbelievable trails.
  • Waveform – Geometric waveforms produce mind-bending patterns that look great in orbitals and tight spins. Consumes very little power so your battery lasts longer.
  • Motif Chaining – Stitches Motifs and Waveforms together into a repeating chain to produce endlessly fresh visualizations and never before seen combinations.
  • Galaxy – A smooth and constant rainbow ripple to allow for mellow moods and flow-focused routines. Hypnotic and calming, whether still or in motion.
  • Saved PresetsOnly in FuturePoi Remote and FuturePoi Remote XL. Save your favorite Motifs and Waveforms and this mode will let you Shuffle them. Seamlessly cue your next Saved Preset to a beat or on command.
  • Sync – Both lights can display the same patterns, colors, and changes in sync. Plays back the same sequence each time. Can be used to sync many pairs of props at once!

The FuturePoi and FutureStaff light elements are interchangeable, allowing you to switch between poi handles and a staff extension piece for multi-prop usage.

All FuturePoi models generate psychedelic visualizations and full blown 8-bit images. Each model has Special “click-through” modes (in case you can’t find your remote) and a special Sync Mode that allows both light elements to match patterns and change in sync with each other.

The Remote and XL models allow you to use the remote control to reset and restart Sync Mode from the beginning so multiple props can join in and sync their changes together. It is truly breathtaking to watch!

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FuturePoi Remote or Shuffle

  • Weight: 5.1 oz
  • Height: 10 in.
  • Width: 1 in.
  • Display: Each poi contains 40 LEDs with the graphics drawn in 20 lines of resolution. Each poi displays 5.5 in. of light.

FuturePoi XL

  • XL Weight: 7.1 oz
  • XL Height: 15.5 in.
  • XL Width: 1 inches
  • XL Display: Each poi contains 80 LEDs with the graphics drawn in 40 lines of resolution. Each poi displays 11 in. of light.

The LEDs point out in opposite directions so you can always see the patterns from any angle.

    • Battery Run time: Motif: 10 hours, Waveform: 22 hours, Motif Chaining: 10 hours, Galaxy: 8 hours
    • Charging: Rechargeable via micro USB connection.


  • Included: High-quality thick cord handles. Wall Charger and 2 micro USB cables included to charge both poi simultaneously.

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