Poi and Staff

LED Smart Poi & Smart Staff

Psychedelic visualizations and detailed 8-bit images in full blown color. Synchronization allows both light elements to match patterns and change in sync with each other.
FuturePoi and Futurestaff use the same modular light element so pick up the extra attachment if you spin both ways.

FuturePoi / FutureStaff Comparison Guide

Shuffle Remote XL Lite Micro
Autoplay with randomization
Sync with other FuturePoi
Customization via remote control
Can stop on a pattern
Mode Save
Tap Tempo (set to a beat)
Staff Modular
Opaque Tubing
Frosted Tubing
# of Special Modes 5 6 6 5 6
Weight 5.1 oz 5.1 oz 7.1 oz 4.4 oz 4 oz
Height 10 in 10 in 15.5 in 10.5 in 6 in
# of LEDs 40 40 80 40 12
Light Resolution 20 lines in 5.5 in 20 lines in 5.5 in 40 lines in 11 in 20 lines in 8 in 12 lines in 6 in


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