Hoop Services should only be purchased for hoops in working condition. If your hoop is not working (for example: hoop not turning on, more than one or two LEDs out, major kink or bend in the tubing) you should head to the Repairs page instead. This ensures that you will get the quickest service with the most accurate pricing after your hoop is received and inspected by our shop. Additional repair charges will apply for non-working hoops that are sent in for a Service.

Additionally, any hoop that enters our shop for service may have the connection hardware updated to the latest version to guarantee the most durability and longest life for your hoop. If you are concerned about your hoop’s connector being changed from a previous version, please let us know before we service your hoop.

FutureHoop Service

Breathe new life into your hoop!
Service includes return shipping.
Service Price
retube only $45
resize only $65
seamless conversion only $55
resize + seamless conversion $75
change to clear polypro tubing $10
change to color polypro tubing $15
Pro hoop: replace internal batteries (with other service) $20
Allow 1 business day to be emailed with instructions on sending in your hoop.