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Little Rock, Arkansas

Hi flow community! I’m Porscha, also known as porschazoom. I’ve been involved with flow arts for almost 4 years now. It has changed my life and helped me flourish into the person I am today. I couldn’t be more thankful for such a supportive community. If you are new to hooping or other flow art props, just remember everyone starts somewhere! Flow arts takes practice, dedication, and passion. I’m beyond thankful for this outlet!

Porscha hoops with a 28 in. FutureHoop Designer in 3/4 lilac polypro tubing


Flow Journey

When did you begin your journey into the flow arts, and how were you inspired to start?
I began my flow journey in May 2015. I went to my first music festival, Buku music festival and fell in love. I was sitting down enjoying the show and I was mesmerized by this beautiful girl hula hooping. I had no idea what she was doing, but I know it was magical and I needed to learn. I have a background in dance and this helped me tap into those skills I left behind in high school. I went to Wal-Mart to buy my first hula hoop and the rest is history.

What do you love about the experience of performing?
The thing I love most about performing is the excitement and nervousness I get right before I go on stage. I’ve been performing for about 10 years now and that feeling never goes away. I’m terrible when it comes to public speaking, but when I get the opportunity to dance my anxiety is left at the door. Performing brings out my confidence and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

How has being a part of the flow community touched your life? How can the flow community make an impact and how do you see yourself being a part of it?
The flow community has made a tremendous impact on my life. I’ve made friends that have turned into family. One of my first flow friends I made is now one of my bridesmaids. It has transformed my life for the better. I’m involved with the flow community by teaching, performing, and staying in touch with other flow artists around me. The flow community is one of the most supportive, acceptive groups I have encountered.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their flow journey? Which tutorials or guiding principles helped you along the way?
My advice to you who are new to flow arts is to not give up or compare yourself to others! Some of these idols you compare yourself to are people who have been flowing for 3+ years. Remember when you get frustrated, resort back to the tricks you know, take breaks, and just have fun!! What helped me find my flow is to keep a flow journal. Write down your tricks and keep it close as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Everyone starts somewhere!

Where do you aim to hone your skills in 2019? Have you taken on any new props or specialties recently?
In 2019, I hope to travel the country and teach my skills to others. I want to pass on these skills to those who are eager to learn! I recently picked up dragon staff, rope dart, and quad hoops. I hope to dedicate enough time to learning these new props and master them!


Is there a particular aspect about the hooping or flow community that you’re passionate about? How do you envision your influence? (performance, teaching, etc)
I hope to influence those by teaching my passion for hooping. I love to express my passion in my hoop dance, so when I perform I like to make the crowd feel what I’m feeling. Thanks to the acceptance of the flow community, I’ve become confident in expressing myself through this outlet.

In a nutshell, how would you describe your unique style of flow? Are there artists or dance styles that you take inspiration from?
My flow is sassy, emotional, and raw. I take a lot of inspiration from Morgan Jenkins and Amanda Lee. Expressing my dance and emotions into my flow is a unique style I tend to target often.

What are your main props/specialties?
My main props are hoops, voi (veil poi), veil fans, flag poi, fans, dragon staff, and incorporating my dancing background into my hoop flow.

Where do you like to practice the most?
I practice at home and in my backyard. Hooping barefoot is my favorite!

Are you a part of a troupe or performance group?
Arkansas Circus Arts

Are there any Facebook groups, clubs or local meet-ups that already exist in your local area? Are there online hooping/spinning/flow communities or forums that you’re on and/or participate in?
Yes! There are local flow jams usually hosted outside, hooper meet ups, full moon fire jams and a lot of other random gatherings here in Chicago! I am apart of almost every hoop group on facebook but use Infinite Circles, HoopLovers, HoopTech, and Flow Art Lounge the most!

Do you teach, mentor or create tutorials?
I teach and create tutorials.

Are you a part of a flow community or flow meet-up? Are there any local flow gatherings near you?
Not as often any more. I need to make this happen again!

What does 2019 have in store for you? At which festivals/events/retreats can you be found over the summer and through the rest of the year? Will you be performing or teaching?
I hope to teach workshops with my dear friend Ally, traveling across the eastern side of the United States. I also hope to perform and teach at Hulaween.

Are you one of the community members that helps to organize any of these events?
Not really, life gets busy sometimes and I am unable to commit time to organizing events. I hope in the future I am able to devote time to doing this!

Are you an active performer? If so, where have you been booked recently for past or upcoming performances? Please include up to three events (and any links if available). (no worries if you’re not an active performer! please just skip this question <3)
I’m an active performer with Arkansas Circus Arts.
– Cirque d’ Amour
– Hulaween
-Carnival Bizarre


Hoop Tutorial: BTB Chest Rolls

Hoop Tutorial: Jumpthrough Coin Flip

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Fire hoop photo by Josh Webster Photography

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