Morgan Jenkins | Miss Mo’jangles

Morgan Jenkins | Miss Mo'jangles
Los Angeles, California

“I have too many hoops”

Morgan (Miss Mo’Jangles) is a Los Angeles-based hoop performer, international instructor, and was recently named the 2016 USA Hooper of the Year. She is Known for her sassy Hoopography performances, creating the Hooptown Hotties and for her award-winning hoop videos (Despondence, Halo, Bang Bang, Portal, Flowmance, Dark Paradise) Morgan loves teaching others how to express their personality & creativity through hoop dance. Learn more about Morgan:


HULA HOOP - Worth It - Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink | Choreography


Flow Journey

When did you begin your journey into the flow arts, and how were you inspired to start?

    I started hooping in 2012 after seeing hooper Ellen Phillips (@hooprebel) light up the stage at an LA event. I picked up my first hoop that night (which was a moodhoops Luna LED that belonged to Ellen) and I never looked back.

Why do you love the experience of performing?

    I love how every performance is an adventure. I go in expecting one thing, but my hoop and the audience takes me on a ride with exciting twists and turns! I love the freedom of improvising and flowing on stage, and I also love the discipline it takes to create a start-to-finish choreographed act. Performing challenges me to be a better hooper than I was the previous performance.

How has being a part of the flow community touched your life? How can the flow community make an impact and how do you see yourself being a part of it?

    I don’t think I understood what a “community” meant until I became a hooper. It’s amazing to connect with people who have the same passion as you, and who understand that our passion is a tool for growth, fun, freedom, and healing. The flow community can make an positive impact on the world by keeping it’s arms open to those who need it most. Hooping seems to find people more than they find it, and new hoopers should be celebrated and welcomed unconditionally. I see myself as a influencer who may inspire others to pick up a hoop, but also as a source of creative inspiration for those hoopers looking to create routines and level up their performance techniques.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their flow journey? Which tutorials or guiding principles helped you along the way?

    Main advice: Don’t compare yourself to strangers on the internet. It’s called a hoop journey, not a hoop destination. Take you time, learn the basics, and love every moment!

Where do you aim to hone your skills in 2017? Have you taken on any new props or specialties recently?

    I want to create a complete circus style routine with hoop splitting…which is a trick I’ve been working on for YEARS and have yet to master. I also want to focus on strength and flexibility more than new tricks. Last, I did get a dragon staff for Christmas, and I’m looking forward to playing with that!


What are your main props/specialties?

    Hoop, fire hoop, more hoops…and….hoops.

Is there a particular aspect about the hooping or flow community that you’re passionate about? How do you envision your influence?

    I am passionate about inspiring other hoopers to express their creativity fully through hooping. One way I express my most creative self is though my hoop videos. I blend my love for cinematography and editing with music and hooping in a way that focuses on cinema and dance as storytellers. Seeing the positive reaction of the hoop community to these videos pushes me to create more, and I take so much inspiration from the stories of the community. To have a voice in a community so large is a beautiful privilege and I want to use that voice to make a positive impact on hoopers and their prop choices.

In a nutshell, how would you describe your unique style of flow? Are there artists or dance styles that you take inspiration from?

    I would call my style: “Pop-tech”. A little bit of flow, some tricky tricks, and a whole lot of sassy hair whips. The Britney Spears of hooping.

Where do you like to practice the most?

    My gym, Crunch Burbank. Also, my 400 sq ft. studio apartment where I have knocked over countless wine glasses.

Do you have any flow related personal successes that you’d like to share?

    I’m pretty sure that the day I got the three beat weave was the best day of my life.

Community Involvement

Are you a part of a troupe or performance group?

    Hooptown Hotties! #youcanhoopwithus

Do you teach, mentor or create tutorials?

    Yes! My teaching brand is HOOPOGRAPHY and I have tutorials on the Hooptown Hotties Youtube page under “Hooptown University”

    I also teach skype lessons. Additionally, you can find me teaching around the world at hoop retreats such as Rendez-v-hoop, Hoop Dream Retreat, Hawaii Hoop Retreats, & Hoopcamp.

Are you a part of a flow community or flow meet-up? Are there any local flow gatherings near you?

    LA Hoopers is a wonderful flow community! Glow Flow is a meetup every Wednesday in Venice, check out their FB page and the LA Hoopers FB for info on jams.

Are you one of the community members that helps to organize any of these events? Do you want to share details of how you take a leading or participatory role?

    I organize workshops in LA and host hoopers who are visiting LA for workshops. In the past I have helped facilitate workshops for Caterina Suttin, Emma Kenna, Kay Pink Hoops, and coming up we have Lila Chupa Hoops and Rachael Lust!

Find Me!

At which festivals/events/retreats can you be found in 2017?

    2017 Tour Schedule (constantly updating)
    April- Rendez-v-HOOP Paris, France
    April – Barcelona Spain
    April – London Hulaballoo presents: Hooptown Hotties Workshop
    April – May Hoop Dream Retreat Maylasia
    May – Lightning in a Bottle
    August – Hoopcamp Retreats

Are you an active performer?

    Yes. I perform almost every week. Link to my websites


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Jimmy Bazan
Amy Marie Photography

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