Beginner Hula Hoop Tricks

We’ve gathered some of our favorite hula hoop tricks and tutorials to help you get there.

Rest assured that these beginner hula hoop tricks aren’t going to make you look like a beginner.

Grab a hoop and let’s do this!

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Hula Hoop Trick #1: The One-Handed Weave

The One-Handed Weave is a foundation for hula hooping other moves like the basic weave with two hoops.

  1. Start by gripping your hoop with your right hand, underhand, at the top point of your hoop.
  2. First position: Move the hoop to the right side of your body.
  3. Second position: Rotate your hoop up to hold it by the bottom of the hoop in an over hand position.
  4. Third position: Rotate your hoop across your body and down so that you are holding it by the top of the hoop in over hand position.
  5. Fourth Position: Rotate your hoop clockwise to hold it underhand by the bottom of the hoop.
  6. Rotate back to First position and repeat.

Hula Hoop Trick #2: The Helicopter Spin

The Helicopter Spin is a way to spin the hoop while it is carried around your body creating an effect that makes the hoop seem to be moving more than it actually is.

  1. Use your right hand to hoop clockwise and your left hand to hoop counterclockwise.
  2. Grab the hoop in front of you with both hands underhanded.
  3. Carry the hoop around your body while twisting your arm in the other direction.
  4. Hand the hoop off behind your back.
  5. Twist your arm in the opposite direction to the continued rotation around your body.
  6. Hand the hoop off in front of your body and repeat.

Hula Hoop Trick #3: Leg Hooping

Be sure to use a larger hoop to make learning leg hooping easier and less painful on your legs.

  1. Step into the hoop and relax your legs with the hoop in your hands.
  2. Place the hoop on the back of your knees.
  3. Wind up and spin the hoop around your legs.
  4. Use one leg to support yourself while using the other leg to give the hoop additional momentum.

Hula Hoop Trick #4: The Vertical Lasso

The Vertical Lasso is a way to spin the hoop around your hand in a vertical position.

  1. Start by gripping your hoop underhand, at the top point of your hoop.   
  2. Rotate upward a half rotation. As you get to the top, release your grip on your hoop allowing the hoop to spin freely around your hand in front of you. 
  3. Move your hand slightly side to side to keep your hoop moving.
  4. To maximize control, extend your thumb upward in a L shape while spinning the hoop around your hand. Keep hoop between thumb and finger tips.

Hula Hoop Trick #5: Prayer Position

Prayer Position involves spinning the hoop with your hands in a prayer position above your head.

  1. Lift your hoop up above your head in Lasso Position.  
  2. When the hole of the hoop spins in front of you, insert your other hand into the hoop and put them together into a prayer position.
  3. Move hands side to side to keep the hoop up.

Intermediate Hula Hoop Tricks

Let’s take your budding hoop skills to the next level with some intermediate hula hoop tricks.

Hula Hoop Trick #6: The Vortex

The Vortex is a continuous lasso while standing inside the hoop. It is important to know lasso before trying this trick.

  1. Enter the vortex through either lasso position or your waste.
  2. While hooping, place your hand on the center of your back and grab the hoop.
  3. Bring your hand up and the hoop rotates and pass it to the back of your other hand.
  4. With the hoop above you, allow it to rotate around to your palm to grab it.
  5. As you lower the hoop, catch it with the other hand behind your body and repeat.

Hula Hoop Trick #7: Foot Hooping

Foot Hooping is a great trick to let yourself take a break and relax on the ground while you continue to amaze your friends!

  1. Lay on the ground and begin to rotate the hoop in a lasso on your arm above the center of your body.
  2. Raise your foot into the air and into the hoop directly next to your hand.
  3. Pass the hoop to your foot.
  4. Rotate your foot to continue the momentum.

Hula Hoop Trick #8: Never Ending Pizza Toss

Never Ending Pizza Toss is a continual throwing and catching of the hoop while allowing it to come back onto the body.

  1. Begin by going into a vortex motion. 
  2. Use the same hand you use for bringing the hoop up into the vortex to toss the hoop.
  3.  Push the toss by bending your knees to jump into the pizza toss.  
  4. Throw and catch with your non-throwing hand and bring it back down over your body. 
  5.  Hand off back around and toss up again continuously.

Hula Hoop Trick #9: Pizza Toss Somersault Catch

Pizza Toss Somersault Catch move involves the quick succession of throwing the hoop, somersaulting and catching the hoop.

  1. Begin by coming out of the Vortex and tossing the hoop into the air a few feet in front of you. 
  2. Immediately do a somersault. 
  3. Catch the hoop upon completion of the somersault and continue hooping in Lasso.

Advanced Hula Hoop Tricks

If you’ve mastered the tricks above then it’s time to step things up with these advanced hula hoop tricks!

Hula Hoop Trick #10: The Pizza Toss

Be sure to learn The Vortex before attempting The Pizza Toss.

  1. Enter the hoop and spin it at your waste.
  2. Enter the vortex as you raise your arm.
  3. As your hand holding the hoop reaches the highest point, toss it into the air with a full arm extension.
  4. Catch the hoop with your other hand.
  5. Return the hoop into the vortex and repeat.

Hula Hoop Trick #11: The Knee to Waist Transfer

You must already be able to leg hoop before learning the knee to waste transfer.

  1. Begin by entering the hoop and then knee hooping.
  2. Use one leg to increase the rotation speed of the hoop.
  3. Raise the heel on one leg off of the ground to push the hoop up to your waist.
  4. Use a rocking motion to complete the transfer of the hoop to your waste.

Hula Hoop Trick #12: Spring Roll to Neck Transfer

Spring Roll to Neck Transfer is an advanced hooping move that takes the hoop from a behind the back foot lasso position to neck hooping via a somersault.

  1. Begin in a bent over foot lasso position. 
  2. Do a forward spring roll, do not roll onto your head. 
  3. As you roll onto your back keep your hooping foot raised in the air so there is space to duck into the hoop. 
  4. Tuck your hands into your body to not obstruct the rotation of the hoop. 
  5. Use your forward momentum to tuck into the hoop. 
  6. Sit up straight into a forward roll. 
  7. Continue spinning the hoop around your neck.

Hula Hoop Trick #13: Foot Hooping Forward Spring Roll

Spring Roll is a move that involves doing a forward somersault while hooping .

  1. Start by foot hooping in Lasso above your back. 
  2. When the hole of the hoop is behind you and the hoop is on the backside of your foot. Use the backside of your foot to pull the hoop in front of you. 
  3. Immediately go into a somersault, do not let your head touch the ground. Keep your foot pointed upwards and spin the hoop around the center of your foot. 
  4. As you roll onto your back, push your hooping foot into the air. Keep your non hooping food close to your body. 
  5. Keep your foot in the air and continue foot hooping.

Things to remember when learning hula hoop tricks

  • Get creative. The more you get creative and think outside the box, the more you are going to enjoy.
  • Hoop with a friend. It can be more fun to master new tricks when someone is learning them with you!
  • Be patient. It takes time to build your hoop stamina so amp up your speed by intensifying your torso rotation.
  • Don’t give up. These tricks might take time, and you’ll be doing fantastic hula hoop tricks before you know it!

Be sure to check back later because we will be adding more hula hooping tricks over time. Remember that regular practice helps but play is important, too! If you keep at it, you’ll be making up your own hula hoop tricks in no time.

A big “Thank You!” to Hoop Smiles for all of the great video tutorials!

Happy hooping!