FuturePoi Remote and FuturePoi XL

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The FutureStaff and FuturePoi light elements are interchangeable, allowing you to switch between poi handles and a staff extension piece for multi-prop usage.

All FuturePoi models generate psychedelic visualizations and full blown 8-bit images.

Each model has Special “click-through” modes (in case you can’t find your remote) and a special Sync Mode that allows both light elements to match patterns and change in sync with each other.

3 different models: FuturePoi Shuffle (small), FuturePoi Remote (small+remote), and FuturePoi XL (large+remote)

The Remote and XL models allow you to use the remote control to reset and restart Sync Mode from the beginning so multiple props can join in and sync their changes together. It is truly breathtaking to watch!

Click on an image to view high res versions of visualizations generated by FuturePoi.

FuturePoi and FutureStaff display beautifully complex motifs and patterns, taking your light show to the next level.