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There’s a zipper at each end of the pixelBoa. Open both zippers. Find the end with the battery cable. Attach the included 3xAA battery holder and insert 3xAA alkaline batteries. Push the battery holder inside the pixelBoa and close the zipper.

Next you need to find the pixelBoa’s power switch. It’s inside the fur at the end of the boa. Once you’re familiar with its location you can turn it on or off without opening the zipper.

Alkaline batteries will give you 7 hours of glow time.


• Keep the pixelBoa away from flames and high heat. The fur is 100% polyester. Polyester is a plastic and will melt.
• Avoid swinging the pixelBoa around by the ends or using it like a rope. Avoid sitting on the pixelBoa or using it as a pillow. This kind of repeated stress can break the wires inside.
• Carefully roll up the pixelBoa when storing or transporting and avoid stuffing it into too-small spaces.
• Never submerge the internal electronics in water.
• Remove the internal electronics before washing the fur exterior.
• Only use Alkaline or NiMh batteries with the pixelBoa. You will experience longer battery life with Alkaline batteries.
• Do NOT use lithium-ion batteries, like those that come with our LED hoops, in the pixelBoa.


Open the zipper and invert the faux fur exterior. Pull the fur back over itself until the internal electronics are separate from the faux fur. Once you’ve removed the fur it can be put into your washing machine. Use cold water, mild detergent, tumble dry low.

After the fur is dry, it’s time to put everything back together. Turn the fur inside out. Take the internals and push that into the end of the inside-out fur. Slide the faux fur over the internals until the entire thing is inside.