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Lotus is bright and hypnotizing with jewel-tone beads of color that swirl around you when in motion, but flicker softly in purple and white when still.

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LED Hoop Extras

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Check out our Hoop Sizing Guide for more details.

Available in the following sizes:
  • Large: 38" OD, 24 LEDs
  • Medium: 36" OD, 20 LEDs
  • Small: 33" OD, 20 LEDs
  • Extra Small: 30" OD, 20 LEDs
  • Extra Large: 42" OD, 20 LEDs
  • Minis Pair: 20" to 24” OD options, see the LED Minis page for details

OD = outer diameter of the hoop (measured across the widest part of the hoop, including the width of the tubing)

Double Rainbow All The Way!

Stand out from the crowd. This hoop can be upgraded with twice the LEDs!

Please take note: Twice the LEDs means twice the battery drain! The batteries don't last as long when there are 2x LEDs so we include extra batteries! Sweet! But for real, you might want to snag some extras so you can stay lit all weekend.

moodhoops-twice-the-leds-fruity moodhoops-twice-the-leds-neon moodhoops-twice-the-leds-watermelon

Never be left in the dark. Buy a backup battery.

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Dimensions 20 x 20 x 2 in