PolyPro LED hoops

Disclaimer about PolyPro LED hoops vs PolyPro day hoops: PolyPro is great for day hoops because it is lighter by volume than normal HDPE tubing. This gives you a silky-smooth, lightning-fast hoop for practice and performance. For LED hoops however, it has some disadvantages that you should be aware of.
  • Since LED hoops have batteries and counterweights inside, the lightness of PolyPro is not as noticeable.
  • Whereas HDPE tubing is flexible and absorbs impacts well, PolyPro tubing is brittle and prone to cracking on impacts or when extremely flexed. The added weight of LEDs, batteries, and counterweights only increases the chance of cracking.
  • With PolyPro LED hoops, certain moves like breaks, reversals, or even regular hooping can cause the tubing to crack. Also, some sort of trauma to the hoop, like a high impact hit or landing on it accidentally when trying to jump through it, is what can result in the hoop tubing becoming cracked.
Please understand that we can’t re-tube used, cracked PolyPro LED hoops for free, but we are happy to refresh your tubing for a fee. If you are at all unsure about whether you want a PolyPro LED hoop, just get an HDPE hoop! There’s a reason why HDPE is our default for LED hoops, while PolyPro is our default for lightweight day hoops :)
We can make any standard 36″, 33″, or 30″ LED hoops in PolyPro tubing (see details below). Add your polypro size change option into your cart, along with your hoop selection in the matching hoop diameter from the Shop. Please make sure the diameters of your hoop match to avoid delay in your hoop getting built.

Upgrade Price: $25

Size :

PolyPro Shipping times

  • PolyPro Moodhoops are built through our Custom Workshop and will be built within the stated time for Standard shipping.
  • Shipping upgrade coupons cannot be applied to custom polypro orders. Select Express or Priority at Checkout for your custom hoop to be built and shipped out within the time frames stated on the Shipping page.
  • As this upgrade is a custom option, changes made to the hoop style, tubing size or hoop diameter after the hoop is in production can incur a change order fee and delay the shipment.  Please let us know if you have any questions about your options before placing your order.
  • Also check out our Sizing Guide to read more about the sizes and feel of the hoops.

PolyPro Tips & Instructions

  • Polypro tubing is clearer and the lights appear brighter within the tube. The wiring is also slightly more visible when up close.
  • The hoop uses a strong HDPE outer cuff, just like a standard Moodhoop, for flexibility and durability. The HDPE cuff will need gentle reshaping from time to time. While we don’t recommend collapsing your polypro Moodhoop, many customers do, and this trains your HDPE outer cuff into a strong curved shape.
  • PolyPro tubing is more brittle than the tubing used for many day hoops or LED hoops. Whereas a normal hoop will kink if you bend it, or bounce back when it’s smashed, PolyPro will crack. Avoid strong impacts against hard surfaces or sudden falls, to keep the hoop in the best shape.
  • Hooping in cold temperatures increases the chance of the tubing becoming cracked, even from normal hooping moves.
  • Avoid storing your hoop in environments with extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • We’re happy to work with you to get your hoop returned quickly if the tubing becomes cracked or damaged. Polypro tubing replacement is $45 for Moodhoops classic, with the other option of the hoop being retubed in HDPE in the same diameter for $35. FutureHoop retubing is $55.
Classic Polypro LED hoops are made with the same collapsible design as our standard HDPE hoops. The tubing can be coiled down partially and zip-tied or taped into place for storage or travel to avoid stress on the tubing. Coiling down or collapsing your hoop should be done with great care, as cracked tubing is not covered by warranty. Classic Polypro LED hoops come standard with 1/2″ black grip tape along the inner ring of the hoop.

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