LED Hoop Features

Classic LED Moodhoops

Each LED hoop is bright, expertly crafted, and comes with a rechargeable battery and easy on/off switch. Our Shop features vibrant LED colors, beautiful patterns and easy hoop customization.

Constructed to be durable and partially collapsible, with an awesome right out of the box hooping experience and followed up with stellar customer service <3


Hoop features:

  • removable battery design, so you can play all night
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger included
  • partially collapsible for travel and storage
  • simple on/off mechanism, no tiny switches
  • balanced with the battery
  • HDPE and Polypro tubing
  • no-rattle design
  • 1 year warranty


Hoop Wax for unparalleled grip

Moodhoops Hoop Wax is a lightweight, removable and transparent alternative to sanding or taping your hoop.

Hoop wax rubs smoothly on your hoop to provide unparalleled grip, but doesn’t come off on skin or clothing.

Rub vigorously along the inner ring of your hoop to create a textured surface.

Each LED Moodhoop comes with Hoop Wax pre-applied to the hoop. The tubing is first lightly sanded, then the wax is applied.

purple cupcake

Custom LED hoops

Want to design a Custom LED hoop? We can help you to create a hoop born from your imagination and brought into the light! We have a great selection of LEDs in many different colors and light textures.

Check out our Custom LED hoop shop!

double density neon

Twice the LEDs for double density lights

Classic Moodhoops (in most styles) are also available with ‘Twice the LEDs’, which repeats the pattern around the hoop a second time. This creates an unbelievably bright and full effect!

The extra LEDs do use up the hoop battery faster, so 2 additional hoop batteries are included with the cost of the upgrade.

This option can be chosen as an add-on for most Classic Moodhoops right below where you choose your hoop size.


Hoop Batteries

Each Classic LED Moodhoop comes with one lithium-ion hoop battery, a battery case, and one charger made for US wall outlets.

Additional batteries are available as singles or a 3-pack and ship free with your hoop. Add extra batteries to your cart to make sure you’ll keep consistent glow. Additional chargers are also available.

Battery Safety and Care is extremely important.

Purchase new batteries when they start to show signs of wear and tear. Moodhoops use specialty Lithium-ion batteries that have 3x the power of a normal battery to be able to light up your hoop. All batteries and battery charging should be done with adult supervision. Do not leave a charging battery unattended. Do not put a lithium-ion battery into any other device.

Read and follow all provided instructions and warnings about the lithium-ion batteries used in your hoop. Full details about Battery Safety and Care are included with each LED hoop, but you can also read our full Battery Safety and Care Guide at this link: http://moodhoops.com/battery-safety

Tubing sizes and options

Our hoops are measured by the OD (outer diameter of the hoop). This measures across the widest part of the hoop including the width of the tubing.

Classic LED hoops come in 3/4″ OD and 7/8″ OD tubing. 3/4″ tubing is also available in Polypro. HDPE is our default tubing type as it’s very durable.


Hoop Sizing & Gift Guide

Check out our Hoop Sizing Guide for help choosing a size.

Check out our Gift Buying Guide for assistance in choosing a gift for someone else :)

We also offer Gift Certificates and are happy to help with any questions in choosing a hoop!

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!

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