Custom LED Hoops

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Looking to design a Custom LED hoop?

We can help you to create a hoop born from your imagination and brought into the light! We have a great selection of LEDs in many different colors and light textures.

Create your own custom hoop design in the colors and size of your choice!

Custom hoops start at $124 for full size hoops, and $129 for a mini hoop pair.

Check out our LEDs selection, envision what you can create, then fill out the form below and we’ll get back to confirm details and answer any questions :)


Helpful tips for designing hoop patterns & battery life

The types of LEDs used in a hoop affect how long a battery will last until it needs to be swapped out or recharged.

Mix up strobe, solid, and blending LEDs to create different light textures while also balancing battery usage.

Play with different texture ideas to create your hoop design, as the LED variation will allow your custom hoop to get good battery life :)

Each hoop comes with one small battery and one wall charger. Add extra batteries to your custom hoop request!

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LED types:


  • Dotted ‘strobe’ LEDs do not actually strobe like a strobe light, but they do create a dotted pattern when in motion, though look solid when the hoop is still.

These “strobe” LEDs use the least amount of power. There are single color strobes (i.e. white), tri-color strobes (i.e. blue-white-green), and bi-color strobes (i.e. pink-violet, which then has a space after it).

LEDs that actually create a strobing effect are the Intense White Sparkle and Itense RGB Strobe LEDs, they also use very little power.

Solid LEDs and Ribbon LEDs use more power, as they create solid lines of color.

These LEDs are on all the time so they use more power than strobe LEDs.

  • Blending LEDs give the most color variety, but also use the most power.

Slow-blend, Fast-blend, and Fast-blending Pastel Rainbow LEDs create beautiful streaks of changing color, but use much more power for its effects.

double density neon hoop, moodhoops

But if you like the extra fancy… you can get Twice the LEDs 😉

Twice the LEDs repeats your pattern around again, creating a brilliant and full effect.

Twice the LEDs will drain the battery twice as fast, but you also get 2 extra batteries with this LED density.

Add your custom hoop specs into the form below!

We will reply with a follow up and if you’re happy with the design we’ll send you an invoice.

There’s never an obligation to pay the invoice and your custom hoop quote does not expire.

Please allow up to two business days for a response :)

Battery Consumption LED Type Notes
Very Low Intense Can be undesirable
Low Strobe Recommended
Medium Ribbon Pretty but high power consumption
High Rainbow High power consumption

Click on the LED picture to get a close-up.

Custom LED Hoop Form

  • Price: $124.00

  • $0.00

  • OD = outer diameter, which measures the widest part of the hoop including the width of the tubing.

  • Patterns that repeat every 3, 6, or 8 LEDs need to be made as a 24 LED hoop for the pattern to evenly repeat.

  • Pattern LED Count is for the number of different LED colors used in one pattern.

  • The listed pattern is the order the LEDs will be put in. List out different patterns if you have a couple of different ways you envision your custom hoop.

  • If you chose a custom size or LED count, remember to enter those details here!
  • $0.00
    Filling out this form does not commit you to buy anything! When we receive your submission, we will discuss your custom options and can send you an invoice for the total amount. You can pay that invoice or not, it's up to you :)
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