FutureHoop Service (non-removable battery)


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Hoop Services should only be purchased for hoops in working condition. If your hoop is not working (for example: hoop not turning on, section of LEDs out, major kink or bend in the tubing) please head to the Repairs/Troubleshooting form instead to ensure that you will get the quickest service with the most accurate pricing.

Hoop Connection (on/off button) Note – FutureHoop Pro (non-removable battery)
Any Pro hoops with internal batteries that enter the shop for service will have the connection hardware (on/off button) updated to the latest version to guarantee the most durability and longest life for your hoop. This update removes the mechanical on/off button so that it operates similar to a removable battery hoop.

If your FutureHoop Pro has a physical on/off button switch, this connection will be updated (see photo). If you’re concerned about your hoop’s connector being changed from a previous version, please let us know before we service your hoop.

Write in to us if you have any questions, or fill out the Repair/Troubleshooting form if we can help diagnose your hoop. We’re happy to help get the correct service matched up for you!

Hoop Service does not include the cost to get the hoop shipped to our workshop. Return shipping to get the hoop back to you is included in the total price at checkout.

Select expedited shipping options at checkout for time sensitive orders. All service orders ship using the same processing and postage speed as found on the Shipping page.

Please make sure to select the correct option for which hoop you’re sending in and the matching service to avoid any delays in service.

Hoop service without any hoop repairs needed will usually be processed within 3-5 days after the hoop has been checked-in. If there are no repairs needed, and just the selected service is performed, the next email sent will be tracking for your hoop as it makes its way back to you.

Please read important information below about sending in your hoop. Once your hoop arrives you’ll be emailed to let you know your hoop has been checked-in at the email address used to place this order.

Please review your Order Confirmation email for shipping instructions on sending in your hoop.


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Please let us know ahead of time if something needs to be repaired. If damage is found you’ll be contacted and repair fees may apply.

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