FutureHoop Service (non-removable battery)


Hoop Services should only be purchased for hoops in working condition. If your hoop is not working (for example: hoop not turning on, section of LEDs out, major kink or bend in the tubing) please head to the Repairs/Troubleshooting form instead to ensure that you will get the quickest service with the most accurate pricing. If your hoop was made before 2018, please do not purchase this service. Contact us instead.

Return shipping is included in the service price, but you must arrange shipping the item to us yourself.

Once your hoop arrives you’ll be emailed to let you know your hoop has been checked-in at the email address used to place this order.

Please review your Order Confirmation email for shipping instructions on sending in your hoop.


5/8 hoops can be resized from 24″-33″. 3/4 hoops can be resized from 24″-38″.