Jasmine LED Levitation Wand


Smooth and sophisticated, pink-violet double strobes and cool whites glitter the air around with you with sweetness.

With choices of contact and decorative surface layers, string length and wand handle, you can optimize your flow tool experience.

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String Options * 

We recommend the thicker Technora string for LED Wands since they are heavier and can wear thin string out sooner. Check out wand extras for additional long string options!

Handle Options * 

Surface Layer

Add on a silicone contact surface or a translucent tape that shimmers in the daylight. View options in the product photos.

Silicone Contact End Caps Upgrade

Add weight, balance, and precision to your wand flow. (You’ll still receive vinyl caps.)

Wand Extras:

Choose any additional items you would like to receive with your LED wand! String kits come with the lengths of string in both Micro thin and Technora thick, 2 swivels, and a needle.