FutureStaff Attachment (version 2)


You should only order this product if your FuturePoi or FutureStaff were purchased after June-July 2018 or LATER. If you ordered before that time period, check out FutureStaff Attachment (version 1) – see photo in gallery.

The FutureStaff and FuturePoi lights are interchangeable, allowing you to easily switch between the staff attachment and poi handles for multi-prop usage, as well as to a different staff length.

Made from durable 1 inch OD polycarbonate tubing featuring a rigid wood core for contact staff moves. The modular connections are compatible with FuturePoi Shuffle, Remote, XL, and Designer.

Looking for a finished staff length in a different size than offered below? Contact us here to request a custom size.

Purchases before June-July 2018 (version 1) check out FutureStaff Attachment (version 1).

clear staff selection options to reset size options

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