5/8 Tubing Conversion for 3/4 Designer hoops (removable battery)

$150.00 $125.00

or 4 installments from $31.25 by Afterpay More info

The option to convert hoop tubing to 5/8 is only available for Designer hoops originally made with a removable battery hoop build. Hoops made with a non-removable battery are not able to be converted to 5/8 tubing.

5/8 hoops are only available in sizes 24″ OD to 33″ OD.

5/8 tubing is lighter and thinner, but also more flexible than 3/4″ tubing

A 5/8 hoop will have a different feel than your current hoop in 3/4″ tubing. While the 5/8″ hoop will be noticeably lighter, it will also be more bouncy and flexible. If your hooping style is faster or likes a more aggressive hooping style, it may be best to stay with 3/4 tubing, which is thicker and more robust. As always, we recommend HDPE tubing as the default option due it being more resilient to a variety of hoop styles.

Hoops purchased before the release of the 5/8 Designer hoop are eligible for a discounted service since this option was not available when the hoop was purchased. <3

Write in to us if you have any questions!


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