Kashad Gray

Kashad Gray
Denver, Colorado

I’m Kashad. 24. I currently reside in the wonderful state of Colorado. I have been hooping for four years and practicing other props such as fans, dragon staff, and double hoops as well. I enjoy music, outdoors, and meeting new people/flowmies.

Flow Journey

When did you begin your journey into the flow arts, and how were you inspired to start?

    I began my journey with flow arts when I first picked up a hoop 4 years ago. I knew that it would quickly become a new hobby and every since that day I have made sure to pick up my hoop even if it’s just for 5 minutes. I was inspired to start my journey by seeing friends with hoops and poi. I was never really motivated enough until I saw all the possibilities of performance. Fire, lights, costumes, and it opened up a completely new world for me.

Why do you love performing?

    I love performing because it is like meditation for me while also putting on a show. When I perform, I feel the most in my element. It gives me the right amount of confidence, but still humbling at the same time to be able to share my practice with other humans.

How has being a part of the flow community touched your life? How can the flow community make an impact and how do you see yourself being a part of it?

    Being a part of the flow community has touched my life by introducing me to incredible human beings, making me open to conversation, learning, and teaching with others. It has also taught me how to be myself and tune into my own flow of things. The flow community can make an impact by embracing new comers, teaching people to be them selves and to try something new. I see myself being a part of this by someday being able to teach my skills in workshops and studios.


What are your main props/specialties?

    Hoop – 4 years
    Double hoops – 1 year
    Fans – 2 years
    Dragon Staff – 6 months

Where do you like to practice the most?

    I like to practice outside when it’s warm and in big open rooms with high ceilings with its cold.

Community Involvement

Are you a part of a flow community or flow meet-up? Are there any local flow gatherings near you?

    Sundays – Cheeseman Park, Denver
    Wednesdays – Boulder Circus Center – 8:00 pm

Are you in a troupe or performance group?

    I have recently started a new performance group with my good friend In Colorado called Elemental Enchanters. We are excited to begin this new journey. We will be performing for upcoming events at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Find Me!

What has 2016 been like for you? At which festivals/events/retreats can you be found over the summer and through the rest of the year?

    In 2016 I made a huge move across the country to start a new life in Colorado. Since being here I have had many opportunities for performances and connections. I see 2016 to be a great year of new adventures and opportunities that I am ready to take. I’ll be at local events around Denver. BassCenter, Bassnectar in Atlanta, Life is Beautiful Festival.


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