Rebecca Victoria – IGiveGoodHoop

Rebecca Victoria - IGiveGoodHoop
New York City, New York

My name is Rebecca but some of you may know me as @igivegoodhoop. I began hooping in LA three years ago and shortly afterwards founded Hooptown Hotties with Morgan Jenkins. I started hooping after seeing a girl (who turned out to be Morgan!) bring a hoop up to her waist from her knees and I have been hooked ever since. Since that was the first move to catch my eye, it’s no surprise that on-body hooping is a big part of my style. My hooping is also greatly influenced by contemporary urban dance and music including bachata, zouk, reggaeton and hip hop. My most recent hooping addiction is coming up with and drilling choreography.

Something you may not know about me: I hoop to the right! I’m currently hooping in NYC.

Flow Journey

When did you begin your journey into the flow arts, and how were you inspired to start?

    I began hooping over 3 years ago in Los Angeles. I saw a hoop dancer do such beautiful things with a hoop, I instantly became determined to learn, and since I was new to LA, hooping quickly became both my best friend and my method for making new friends 🙂 I still remember the first day I picked up a hoop to the date and celebrate my hoopiversary every year.

Why do you love performing?

    I love being at the center of an environment where people are having a good time and to help create a festive atmosphere. I hope that through hooping, I can encourage everyone at an event or party to dance a little harder, laugh a little louder, and to be a little bit more themselves. I also love when I see certain audience members look like they want to start learning how to hoop from watching me enjoy myself so much!

How has being a part of the flow community touched your life? How can the flow community make an impact and how do you see yourself being a part of it?

    I think it’s fair to say that hooping has changed the course of my life. I have become a more confident person, stronger and healthier in body and mind. I have met amazing friends, found my calling, and a channel of creative expression. I have traveled to places I never imagined hooping would bring me and have been able to fulfill my childhood dream of getting paid to travel in order to do something that I love. I am so glad that I didn’t shy away from picking up a hoop that first day…I honestly don’t know where I would be.


What are your main props/specialties?

    My main prop is the hoop and I have been honing my skills for almost 4 years.

Where do you like to practice the most?

    I practice on my rooftop in NYC and at Union Square park.

Have you received any honorable mentions or won awards related to your flow or artistry? Have you been featured on other sites? Have you performed at any large festivals?

    I have been featured on and healthyhoops which always makes me smile 🙂 I have performed at Xanadu Catalina, at nightclubs and at private parties.

Community Involvement

Are you a part of a flow community or flow meet-up? Are there any local flow gatherings near you?

    I attend flow meet ups and events in NYC and help promote these events as well! I have recently set up photo shoots and video shoots in NYC for hoop performers to showcase their skills and to grow their stage presence.

Are you in a troupe or performance group?

    Yes! I am in the Hooptown Hotties.

Are you one of the community members that helps to organize any of these events?

    Yes, I attend and help host flow meet ups and workshops in NYC and bring local hoopers together for video and photo shoots. I love teaching hoopdance choreography workshops so that hoopers can get together and sync up 🙂

Find Me!

What has 2016 been for you in terms of going to festivals, retreats, workshops, events, burns, etc? What does the rest of 2016 have in store for you?

    I was in a music video in February and am slated to be in two more music videos before the end of 2016. Every year I attend HoopCamp in Santa Cruz at the end of September (this year it’s not happening, but will be back in 2017). I have been invited to receive free festival tickets to events like Nocturnal and Mysteryland USA this year through my relationship with iheartraves. I currently have 5 more performances on the schedule at Dreamland Roller Disco in Brooklyn as well as a corporate event in Palm Springs in September and two upcoming music video performances.


Hula Hoopers Get Ready Fi Work

Ft. Rebecca Victoria, Alisha Donnelly and Shelby Sue
Shot & Edited by Andrew Dyck

Hula Hoop Dance to Reggaeton

Freestyle HoopDance Demo to Fanatica Fiel by Papi Wilo, my full practice session.

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