Why is PixelHoop only available in clear polypro tubing?

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Why is PixelHoop only available in clear polypro tubing?

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Pixelhoop gives you the whole spectrum of Classic hoop styles, which are all primarily based on color combinations and hues. Color polypro tubing would absorb some of the colors from the LEDs, which will alter the look of the color combinations.

Through the filter of color tubing, certain colors meant to look like classic hoop patterns will never look quite right. For this reason we only offer the PixelHoop in HPDE or clear polypro, as neither tubing affect the color of the lights. If you’d still like to get the Pixelhoop in color polypro tubing, write in to us and we can create a custom invoice for you.

In the case of returning a PixelHoop in color polypro tubing for an exchange or refund, a retube fee would be added to the exchange fee or deducted from the refund to return the hoop tubing back to the standard tubing option. If you’d like to send the hoop in for a regular service (not an exchange or refund) the tubing can be switched out, no problem. 😊

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