International Orders: Customs fees / Duty taxes

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Shipping costs do not include Customs fees or duties. You may need to pay an additional amount of customs fees/duties before your package can be picked up/received.

Customers outside of the US – Please note that we are not responsible for any duties, taxes, or levies that your country may impose on your shipment, as this is handled within the country of receipt. We have absolutely no control or jurisdiction over your government’s duty/tax assessment or whether a duty/tax is assessed at all.

We are required by US and international laws to list all purchases as Merchandise at full cost and so, per the law, we cannot state on customs forms that purchases are Gifts or change the Customs Value amount. We are required by law to include a copy of the invoice on the outside of the package and to state the value of the shipment.

All transactions are billed in US Dollars (USD). Currency conversion rates may apply.