Grace Good

Grace Good Performance Art
Nashville, Tennessee

Grace Good, a Nashville native, began hooping in 2011, and has since taken the hooping world by storm with her elegant hoop dance techniques. She captivates and inspires audiences with and effortless control of multiple fire hoops, as well as her mesmerizing aerial performances. Voted Best Fire Hooper of 2015, represented by EVOL Kid Media, and co-owner of Beyond Wings cirque company, Grace’s reputation for funky, flirty, and technical hoop manipulation is growing with her technical ability. She instructs at local studios in Nashville, TN and is hired to travel around the country teaching workshops.

Flow Journey

When did you begin your journey into the flow arts, and how were you inspired to start?

    I found hooping at my first festival, Bonnaroo, in 2011! I was in awe of the girls spinning LED hoops and was determined to be like that one day. I started college not long after and joined a hoop troupe on campus. I learned so much from the girls in the troupe and then became obsessed with hoops! From there I started attending flow festivals and started exploring other flow arts and aerial arts.

Why do you love performing?

    I love being about to share my art and what I love to do with other people. Being able to make a living from what started with a hula hoop is pretty amazing!


What are your main props/specialties?

    Hula hoops are my main prop of about five years. I picked up fire fans, poi, and contact staff about a year later. I started spinning dragon staff two years ago also. I play with poi from time to time as well. I started aerial arts 3 and a half years ago, which has become a huge part of my life and career!

Where do you like to practice the most?

    I practice flow arts mostly in my back yard, as well as in a few studios around town! Soulace, Nashville Circus Center, and Miss Fit Academy.

Have you received any honorable mentions or won awards related to your flow or artistry?’s 2015 Fire Hooper of the Year Award.
    Performed on the 2015 Electric Forest Hoop Troupe.
    Performed at Mysteryland USA 2016 with EVOL Kid Media.

Community Involvement

Are you a part of a performance group, flow community, or flow meet-up?

    I am co-owner of Beyond Wings Circus. Beyond Wings Circus is a circus entertainment company based out of Nashville Tennessee with professional aerialists, fire dancers, and circus artists of all types! I am also signed to the fire spinning agency, EVOL Kid Media.
    I teach classes and host flow jams at Nashville Circus Center!

Are there any Facebook groups, clubs or local meet-ups that already exist in your local area? Are there online hooping/spinning/flow communities or forums that you’re on and/or participate in?

    Second Saturday Flow Jams at Soulace in Nashville, TN
    Flow Jams at Nashville Circus Center

Find Me!

At which festivals/events/retreats can you be found over the summer and through the rest of the year?

    Astral Observatory Music and Arts Festival – Performing
    Further Fest- Nashville, TN – Performing
    Pumpkin Fest – Franklin, TN


Mad Hatter solo from ALICE

Improv LED hula hoop act at ALICE Nashville presented by Beyond Wings Circus.
..I love being the mad hatter! 😉

Juggleville XI Hula Hoop Performance

Grace Good Choreographed Hula Hoop routine from Juggleville XI in Nashville, TN

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Photo Credits:
Jesse Dean Scott
Andrew Dolan Photography
Awalt Artimages
Jason Busby
Jordan Proper