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Katie Rose | Flowbot – Artist Profile

Katie was first mesmerized by hoop performers at Summercamp Music Festival 2014. She purchased her own shortly after, and quickly became consumed by the hobby. She realized after some time, though, that hooping could shape her life. That it could be more than a hobby, and more than a career, but something that leads her […]

Katherine Zhu-Tsang | SpinMeDizzy – Artist Profile

Katherine Zhu-Tsang is a NYC based hula hoop performer, specializing in led performances. Having been mind blown by the showcase at HoopCamp 2014 in the redwoods of Northern California, she knew she needed hoop dance in her life. She began attending weekly classes in NYC and immediately became obsessed with the meditative state of flow […]

Ali Padiak | AliHoopMama – Artist Profile

Ali first discovered hoop dance when she was 18 attending her first music festival. Since then, Ali has dedicated every moment to hoop dance & circus arts in improving her balance, meditation, rhythm, physical boundaries and bringing out her spiritual being. With no background in any dance or gymnastics, completely self taught, she has broadened […]

Sunny Daze | Dark Daze – Artist Profile

Hello there! I’m Sunny – residing from the state of Missouri with my partner Matt and our beautiful daughter London. I started hooping 3 years ago, and I’ve been addicted to this extraordinary art ever since, so much so that we are working to make traveling a teaching a full time reality! You probably know […]

Tal Fransky – Artist Profile

Tal Fransky, a dancer who specializes in modern and ballet dancing for 8 years. Her hoop journey started 3 years ago in India. In India, Tal had met a special girl from the UK named Natasha Milne. Natasha taught Tal the basics, and from that point Tal continued to pave her own way with Hoopdancing. […]

Miss Twisted Rose | Alissa Kennedy – Artist Profile

My hooping style fuses flexibility and grace with circus style multi hoop tricks, acrobatics and off the body tricks. I specialize in single and double hoop roaming acts and on stage dance hooping for events. I’m an aspiring contortionist. I can even lick my elbow. Really. I have a rhythmic influence to my hooping. Basically […]

Ehrlich Marz Ocampo | Firechill – Artist Profile

Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo is a unique performer who dances with various props of fire and light such as poi, staff, baton, hoop and his specialty – the “levitation wand”. The levitation wand is magical prop wherein the performer seems to dance with a floating stick. It is magical, mesmerizing and totally captivating – never before […]

GogoBellax | Bella X – Artist Profile

Gogobellax – Bella X originally from NY currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Bella Is multi-artist but Professional Hula Hoop Performing Artist comes first. Bella is a self taught hula hooper who has been hooping for almost 4 years now. The love for hula hooping runs so deep that now Bella teaches hula dance […]

Kim Lewis | Flowpunzel – Artist Profile

Kim is a Seattle-based flow artist who loves learning new tech and playing with both fire and LED props. Kim’s first prop was a hoop, but now she also enjoys exploring flow with spin flags, fans, contact staff, pixie dragon, levi wand and fiberflies. She loves flow arts because of the ability to keep challenging […]

Sophie Shapeless Arts – Artist Profile

Sent to planet Earth to radiate her healing frequencies, Sophie Shapeless has been roaming the galaxy far and wide to spread love and beauty through her art. She has dedicated a majority of her energy into mastering the art of hula hooping. Not your one trick pony, Sophie offers a vast variety of hoop styles […]