International Orders – Shipping and Delivery

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International Shipping & Delivery

Please read all important information below about International ordering, customs fees, currency conversion rates, shipping costs, and delivery times.

We always recommend Express for time sensitive orders!

Canada Customers: Use CAN Standard or CAN Express for Canada orders. Need even faster shipping to Canada? Write in using the International form below!


Countries that can check out using our International shipping options: (All prices on the website are shown in US Dollars (USD).) Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Africa, Greece, Austria, Russia, Japan, Israel, U.A.E., Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama. Don’t see a country on here you would like to ship to? Use the International form below :)

Futurehoops have a current build time of 5-10 business days.

International Standard – International Express is recommended for time sensitive orders.

  • Canada Standard [$35] – Delivery in 9-17 business days
  • UK, AUS Standard [$60] – Delivery in 10-20 business days

International Express – will ship within 2 business days after the order is placed.

    • Canada Express [$65] – Delivery in 5-7 business days
    • UK, AUS Express [$80]  – Delivery in 7-9 business days

*Need even FASTER International shipping? Contact us to get a quote by using the International Order Form below.

Please keep in mind that there may be delays when your package is going through customs that are beyond our control. Always try to order as far ahead in advance as possible so that your order can reach you with plenty of time.

Important notes about Customs Fees

Customers outside of the US – Please note that we are not responsible for any duties, taxes, or levies that your country may impose on your shipment, as this is handled within the country of receipt. We have absolutely no control or jurisdiction over your government’s duty/tax assessment or whether a duty/tax is assessed at all (for many shipments a duty/tax is not charged).

We are required by US and international laws to list all purchases as Merchandise at full cost and so, per the law, we cannot state on customs forms that purchases are Gifts or change the Customs Value amount. We are required by law to include a copy of the invoice on the outside of the package and to state the value of the shipment.

All transactions are billed in US Dollars (USD). Currency conversion rates may apply.

Warranty Notes:
Please keep in mind that covered warranty issues will have the repair and return postage covered/paid for by us, but purchasing the postage for sending the warrantied product back to us is paid for by the customer.

For orders outside the countries listed above, please use the form below to get a shipping quote.
Since each country has different shipping rules and prices, we need to invoice international customers individually. MoodHoops has shipped to over 40 countries, so you can order with confidence :)

When we receive your order request, we will quote shipping and work out any details or questions about your order. We will send an invoice for the final amount.

To get an idea of the general shipping times for International orders, please refer to the “UK, AUS Standard” and “UK, AUS Express” shipping times on this page to see the general amount of time it takes for an international delivery once your order has been shipped.

Actual shipping times may vary depending on which country we are shipping. Please feel free to ask for more information if these times still apply for delivery to your country.

International Order Form

  • Please remember to include the sizes and quantities you desire. Make sure to include any desired upgrades like PolyPro tubing or extra rechargeable batteries. Example: x1 Blaze (size 38"), x1 Tigerlily (size 36"), x1 pair of minis (Julep, Luna), 3-pack Small Batteries, x3 hoop wax.

  • Double check for accuracy!
  • Required for International Shipping
  • City or region package will be shipping to
  • If applicable to your country

All MoodHoops, FutureHoops, and FuturePoi come with a wall charger to recharge your batteries. Adapters to fit into non-US wall outlets are not included with your hoop, poi, or staff.

Please review our Battery Safety page, and refer to the Product Manual sent with each hoop, poi, staff, battery, or accessory.

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