What size hoop do you recommend for children?

There are a couple of options that may work well for your hooping little one :) LED hoops are such an extra special treat for children and can inspire them and give motivation to learn new tricks and keep going with hooping. Festival Hoops We have recently added a new product to our line of LED hoops called the Festival Hoop. These hoops have 12 LEDs and are in the $48 to $64 price range. One size and style simplicity is what allows us to offer a quality LED hoop at this wonderfully low price. Being less expensive than our classic MoodHoops, this is a good choice for outdoor events, beginners and children :) XL Beginner Hoop – taped, non-LED hoop Another option is one of our taped Beginner Hoops. The Beginner Hoop in the XL size breaks down into segments and turns into a 34″ OD hoop when one segment is removed. This XL size would be great as an option that can work out both for adult guests that are beginner hoopers, as well as the small 34″ OD size for your munchkin :) Please note that if one of the segments are removed and the hoop is stored in this tighter shape the tubing well become more curved and will take extra time to restore it to its original shape when the last segment is added back in. Classic MoodHoops Our classic MoodHoops line offers lots of variety in colors and sizes. The 20-24 LED options that come in the standard sizes give the hoops an extra full and bright effect. The price range for these hoops are $69 to $144 and use a specialty rechargeable lithium-ion battery only. The classic MoodHoops have sizing options ranging from 30″ to 42″ outer diameter, and customizability. The 33″ classic MoodHoop size is smaller, lighter and more flexible, but the lightness makes it challenging to keep up. By contrast, the larger 36″ and 38″ hoops have more momentum when spinning, which makes them easier to keep up. The 36″ hoop is somewhere in between, and may be a good bet for children 10 and under. The golden rule of hoop sizing is: Bigger, heavier hoops are easier at first, but smaller and lighter hoops allow for more tricks and dance moves. For more details about sizing, and a hoop tubing reference chart, please visit to our Hoop Sizing Guide page. LED hoops are meant to be operated by adults. Insertion, removal, and charging of the batteries should only be done by adults. Like any exercise toy, overuse or careless use could result in personal injury.

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